Student Registration and Financial Responsibility Statement

Every student enrolled in classes at Bunker Hill Community College is responsible for making sure their enrollment costs are paid.

  • Never attending and not officially dropping your classes does not remove your obligation to pay for your classes.
    • You may not use financial aid to pay for any classes that you registered for but didn’t attend.
    • You will be liable to pay all charges for classes that are not attended and not officially dropped before the schedule adjustment (add/drop) deadline. Your financial aid award may be adjusted.
  • If you do not plan to remain enrolled in classes and do not drop before the add/drop deadline, it may have a negative impact on your financial aid or other student financial assistance programs.
  • If you officially drop your classes before the add/drop deadline, you will not be charged for those classes. This is true for all students, including those receiving financial aid and/or any type of sponsorship.
  • If you drop classes after the start of the term, you will be subject to the College’s Refund Policy.

For more information, please review the Refund Policy at