Frequently Asked Questions

At Bunker Hill Community College, the Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting students and their families meet the costs of a college education. Bunker Hill Community College participates in a wide variety of federal, state, and private financial aid programs.  The Financial Aid Office is here to help you through the financial aid application process and to help you decide how to best cover your educational expenses.

How do I apply for financial aid? Is there a deadline to apply for aid?

Are tuition payment plans available?

What type of aid was I awarded?

Do I need to reapply for financial aid if I'm going to take classes next year?

Do I have to be a full-time student to get financial aid?

If I am not a full-time student will my financial aid award change?

How can I get my financial aid information sent to Bunker Hill from another college or university?

I've already paid for my classes this semester. Should I still apply for financial aid?

I need to send documents in to the Financial Aid Office to complete my application. Where can I send them?

Can I purchase my textbooks using my financial aid?

When will I receive my financial aid funds?

I am considering withdrawing from a class. Will this change my financial aid?

What if I decide not to enroll, drop, or add credits?

What if I decide to completely withdraw from the college during the semester?

What if I do not pass any of my classes?

Can I still get financial aid if only take one or two classes and will not be in a degree or certificate program?

I am enrolled at another college or university, but I would like to take a class at Bunker Hill and transfer the credit back to my school. Can I get financial aid?

What if I have a credit balance after my financial aid is credited to my account?