Student Handbook

2013-2014 Student Handbook

2013-2014 Student Handbook PDF

The BHCC Student Handbook is your guide to student life at Bunker Hill Community College. The handbook contains policies and procedures that all students need to know.

Letter from the President Pg 1
Your LifeMap at BHCC Pg 2
BHCC Campuses Pg 7
Satellite Locations Pg 7
Parking/Permits Pg 7
Public Transportation Pg 8
Shuttle Services Pg 8
Semester T-Pass Program Pg 8
Adding/Dropping a Class Pg 10
Change of Grades Pg 10
Program Changes Pg 10
Readmission of Degree-and Certificate-Seeking Students Pg 10
Student ID Card Pg 10
Withdrawal from a Class Pg 10
Withdrawal from the College Pg 10
Student Activities Pg 12
Student Activities Hour/Free Period Pg 12
Student Association Pg 12
Student Government Association (SGA) Pg 12
Recognition of Student Groups/Clubs Pg 12
Student Clubs and Organizations Pg 13
Athletics Office Pg 15
Community Engagement Pg 15
Financial Aid Pg 17
Work Study/Employment Pg 17
Single Stop Pg 17
Textbook Assistance Program (TAP) Pg 17
Student Emergency Assistance Fund Pg 17
Absence Due to Religious Beliefs Pg 19
Academic Advising Pg 19
Academic Standing Pg 19
Attendance Pg 19
Admissions and Enrollment Services Pg 19
Advising Center Pg 19
Assessment Center Pg 20
Center for Self-Directed Learning (CSDL) Pg 20
Commonwealth Honors Program Pg 21
Course Load Pg 21
Curriculum Year/Program Requirements Pg 21
Final Examination Schedule Pg 21
Fresh Start Policy Pg 21
Graduation Information Pg 21
Learning Communities Pg 22
Midyear Admission Pg 22
Outstanding Financial Obligations Pg 22
Repeating a Course Pg 23
Satisfactory Academic Progress Pg 23
Transfer Counseling Pg 23
Career Center Pg 25
Internships Programs Pg 25
E-portfolio Pg 26
Learn and Earn Pg 26
BHCC Portal Pg 28
BHCC Website Pg 28
Chelsea Campus Center for Student Access and Success Pg 28
Child Focus Early Learning Center Pg 28
College Bookstore Pg 28
Evening and Weekend Services Pg 28
Food Service Pg 29
Health Services Pg 29
Information Kiosks Pg 30
International Center Pg 30
Library and Learning Commons Pg 30
LifeMap Commons Pg 32
Lockers Pg 33
Lounges Pg 33
Mail Pg 33
MathSpace Pg 33
Multi-Purpose Multi-Media Language Lab Pg 33

Office of Associate Vice President of Student Services
and Dean of Students

Pg 33
Office for Students with Disabilities Pg 34
Online Services Pg 34
Quiet Room Pg 34
Start Smart Orientation Program Pg 34
Student Payment Office Pg 35
Student Success Program Pg 35
Sustainability at the College Pg 35
Telephones Pg 36
Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC) Pg 36
The Writing Place Pg 36
Veterans Center Pg 36
Class Cancellations Due to Weather Pg 38
Emergencies/Security Incidents Pg 38
Emergency Messages Pg 38
Lost and Found Pg 38
Office of Public Safety and Campus Police Pg 38

Behavior Policies, Discipline and Grievance Procedures

Pg 40

Massachusetts Community College System—
Student Code of Conduct

Pg 40

Code of Conduct Disciplinary Process

Pg 41
Student Grievance Procedure Pg 42
Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Pg 48
Bulletin Board Posting Policy Pg 48

Criminal Offender Record Information and
Sex Offender Registry Information Checks

Pg 48
Directory Information Pg 48
Distribution Of Printed Materials Pg 49
Educational Records Pg 49
Food and Beverage Consumption Pg 49
Fundraising and Solicitation Policy Pg 49
Guest Speakers Policy Pg 49
Hazing Pg 50
Immunization Pg 50
Publications Policy Pg 50
Radios and Other Audio Devices Pg 50
Religious Services Pg 50
Sexual Harassment Pg 51
Smoking Pg 51
Social Media Pg 51
Statement on Inclusion Pg 51
Student Action Pg 52
Student Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Pg 52
Student E-mail Communications Policy Pg 52
Student Online Security Policy Pg 53

Student Right-to-Know Graduation Rate
and Campus Security Act

Pg 53
Trip Solicitation Policy Pg 53
Glossary of Academic Terms Pg 54
Appendix A  
Student Association Constitution Pg 56
Appendix B  
Charlestown Campus Maps Pg 59
MBTA Map Pg 60
Academic Calendar Pg 61
Planning Calendar
Pg 66