Men's Baseball

Kerry Quinlan

Head Coach: Kerry Quinlan

Regarding the 2011-12 campaign, my coaching staff and I are looking to immediately take this team to another level.

The philosophy for the BHCC Baseball program will be discipline. Discipline is the backbone of any baseball program and a very large part of every player's life, on and off the field. If a player possesses self-discipline, he won't require any member of the coaching staff to hover over him constantly making on the spot corrections. The new BHCC Bulldog Baseball program will teach that by disciplining yourself, specific to this program and more importantly your educational requirements, there is no goal in life that cannot be reached.

Additional key ingredients for a winning program are commitment, team unity, strength, and goals. I am very hard on my players at times, but when the players get to know me, and see why I am so demanding, I don't believe they would have it any other way. Every player involved in the BHCC Baseball program will understand very quickly that the entire baseball coaching staff is completely committed to student athlete success at BHCC. The team will work hard, experience highs and lows, learn from these experiences, and see a positive outcome in the end that will prepare them for life after BHCC.

Discipline will be the corner-stone that supports the foundation of a new era in BHCC Baseball. The team is excited about getting started and all of us hope that the students and staff at BHCC will set aside some time to come out and watch the team perform.

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Assistant Coach: David Habib