Meet the Team

Meet Professional Staff


 Director, Library and Learnig Commons Vivica Smith Pierre, Ph.D, JD
  Director, Library and Learning Commons
  Room E331
  Telephone: 617-228-3240
  Liaison Areas: Social Sciences


Anicia Kuchesky

Anicia Kuchesky (Nici)
Coordinator of Library Services
Room E330
Telephone: 617 936-1961
Liaison Area: English


Coordinator of Library Services

Andrew McCarthy (Andy)
Coordinator of Library Services
Room E325
Telephone: 617-228-2323
Liaison Areas: Computer Information Technology, Computer Media Technology, English as a Second Language, Distance Learning and Online Courses

Coordinator of Library Services   Svetlana Ordian (Lana)
  Coordinator of Library Services
  Room: E326
  Telephone: 617-228-2211
  Liaison Areas: Allied Health, Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Engineering, Foreign Languages, Math, Medical Imaging, Nursing, Pharmacy Technician, Science


Coordinator of Library ServicesCecilia Roberts
Coordinator of Library Services
Room E328
Telephone: 617-228-2423
Liaison Areas: Criminal Justice, History and Government, Legal Studies including Paralegal Studies, Legal History

  Dominique Barrault
  Part-Time Librarian
  Room E330
  Telephone: 617-228-2213

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