Mission & Vision

Three separate but cohesive mission statements guide Bunker Hill Community College. The first is a comprehensive, system-wide mission statement for Public Higher Education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The second is a mission statement of general characteristics common to all Massachusetts community colleges. The third mission statement contains the specialized and focused component that identifies Bunker Hill Community College's distinctive characteristics and priorities.

Mission of the Massachusetts System of Public Higher Education

Massachusetts Public Higher Education is a SYSTEM with a distinguished past, increasing and measurable accomplishments, and dedicated to being recognized as having one of the nation's most outstanding array of institutions. It comprises 15 community colleges, nine state colleges, and five campuses of the University of Massachusetts. The system exists to provide accessible, affordable, relevant, and rigorous programs that adapt to meet changing individual and societal needs for education and employment. The public system is committed to continuous improvement and accountability in all aspects of teaching and learning. The Board of Higher Education, together with each respective Board of Trustees, expects all students, faculty, and staff to be held to exacting standards in the performance of their roles and responsibilities.

Mission of the Massachusetts Community Colleges

The fifteen Massachusetts Community Colleges offer open access to high quality, affordable academic programs, including associate degree and certificate programs. They are committed to excellence in teaching and learning and provide academic preparation for transfer to four-year institutions, career preparation for entry into high-demand occupational fields, developmental coursework, and lifelong learning opportunities.

Community colleges have a special responsibility for workforce development and through partnerships with business and industry, provide job training, retraining, certification, and skills improvement. In addition, they assume primary responsibility, in the public system, for offering developmental courses, programs, and other educational services for individuals who seek to develop the skills needed to pursue college-level study or enter the workforce.

Rooted in their communities, the colleges serve as community leaders, identifying opportunities and solutions to community problems and contributing to the region's intellectual, cultural, and economic development. They collaborate with elementary and secondary education and work to ensure a smooth transition from secondary to post-secondary education. Through partnerships with baccalaureate institutions, they help to promote an efficient system of public higher education.

The community colleges offer an environment where the ideas and contributions of all students are respected. Academic and personal support services are provided to ensure that all students have an opportunity to achieve academic and career success. No eligible student shall be deprived of the opportunity for a community college education in Massachusetts because of an inability to pay tuition and fees.

Mission of Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College is a public institution of higher education offering programs and courses of study including Arts and Sciences, nursing and allied health, domestic and international business, hospitality and culinary arts, early childhood education and human services, criminal justice, and computer applications.

The College supports open access to post-secondary education by providing a range of educational opportunities that include distance learning, self-directed learning, and an Honors Program. The College offers an entry-level assessment program for new incoming students, a sound foundation in developmental studies, and for non- native English speaking students, a variety of levels of English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction.

The student body reflects the diversity of the urban community and encouraging this diversity is an essential part of the College mission. The College seeks to become a national model for successfully incorporating the strengths of many cultures, ethnic backgrounds, age groups, and learning styles into the curricular and extracurricular life of the institution.

Bunker Hill Community College seeks to enhance its position as a primary educational and economic asset for the Commonwealth through cooperative planning and program implementation involving neighboring institutions of higher education, the public schools, community organizations, and area businesses and industries.

Vision of Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College is a comprehensive, multi-campus urban community college that serves diverse educational needs and is enriched by our global community.

We are dedicated to a dynamic educational environment that is accessible to all and to a college that is invested in the social and economic well-being of its communities.

We believe in student-centered learning that draws upon the rich diversity of our students' life experiences and that uses strategies and technologies to maximize opportunities for reaching educational goals. We respect and value what each student brings to the College and celebrate learning as an interactive and reciprocal process.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, September 2000.

Statement on Inclusion

The Bunker Hill Community College Board of Trustees endorsed and approved for adoption on June 9, 1997, the American Association of Community Colleges Statement on Inclusion as follows:

Bunker Hill Community College strongly endorses the continued use of admissions policies and employment practices that promote broad diversity in the community college system. The College will be free to pursue standards and policies that allow it to fulfill its diversity mission and vision. The students who are educated will help provide tomorrow's leaders, and their college experience will demonstrate the richness and substance of our diverse, multicultural, and global environment. The College environment will promote understanding and appreciation of others, while encouraging students to grow as individuals.

Bunker Hill Community College reaffirms its commitment to diversity. In accord with this philosophy, the College will evaluate its hiring, admissions, and financial aid policies to ensure diversity and equal access within the institution. The College will ensure that the results of these evaluations conform to the concept of open access - the cornerstone of the College's mission.

Bunker Hill Community College believes that diversity in education is crucial to a democratic society. Community colleges are, in effect, microcosms of our greater society.

As such, Bunker Hill Community College will encourage and enhance the fullest understanding of human rights and responsibilities and will teach the skills that allow its students to effectively participate in a democratic society. The College will be responsible for shaping an environment that mirrors the general culture and creates opportunities for all within the college community to interact with understanding, tolerance, and respect for others. In this way, diversity in education not only serves as a model for the world at large, but it also perpetuates social harmony for the future.

BHCC Institutional Values

The Bunker Hill Community College Board of Trustees adopted five institutional values for the College. The values were arrived at following several meetings and discussions among the trustees including two open sessions with faculty and staff.

Inspiring Excellence
  • Encourage all faculty, staff, and students to rise above self-imposed limits.
  • Create partnerships to excel.
  • Commit that all members of the community reach their potential.
  • Do what we say we do.
  • Keep our word.
  • Act responsibly, accountably, and ethically.
  • Do the right thing no matter what.
  • Take personal responsibility for your actions and the outcomes of your actions.
  • Commit to forward growth and positive change for everyone.
  • Provide tools for lifelong learning for students, employees, and the community.
  • Provide opportunities to grow beyond current boundaries, both personally and professionally.
  • Value differences.
  • Treat everyone fairly.
  • Give everyone an equal opportunity to be a participant.
  • Put students first: we train you, we teach you, we prepare you.
  • Meet student needs as well as those of the job market.
  • Work together to improve our community.

BHCC Statement on Civility

Bunker Hill Community College believes that civility in the workplace and classroom is everyone's right and responsibility. This statement is consistent with the Student Handbook, all collective bargaining agreements, and the College's personnel policies. We understand "civility" to mean respectful language and behavior toward everyone at all times, regardless of the circumstances. These qualities are intrinsic to excellence in teaching and learning, and contribute to the maintenance of a productive workplace and an overall positive campus climate.

Further, we affirm our commitment to behavior that is courteous and respectful in all interactions with members of the BHCC community as well as with members of the larger communities we serve.