Graphic Design Option
Course Title Course Number Semester Taken Credits Prerequisites
College Writing I ENG111 3 ENG095 and ESL098 or RDG095 or placement
College Writing II ENG112 3 ENG111
Individual/Society From Area 2 3
Introduction to Mass Media VMA111 satisfies Area 3 3 ENG095 and MAT093
Quantitative Thought From Area 4 3 MAT097 or placement
Science and Technology From Area 5 4
Drawing I VMA104 satisfies Area 6 3 ENG095
VMA Freshman Seminar VMA100 satisfies LCS requirement 3 ENG095 and MAT093
Visual Design:Composition and Color VMA102 3 ENG095 and MAT093
Digital Imaging w/Photoshop VMA105 3 ENG095 and MAT093
Visual Design:Form and Time VMA103 3 ENG095 and MAT093
History of Graphic Design VMA114 Spring 3 ENG095 and MAT093
Digital Publishing with InDesign VMA131 3 ENG095 and MAT093
Typography VMA132 3 ENG095 and MAT093
Figure Drawing or Graphic Design Internship VMA207 or VMA299G-see note* 3 VMA104, VMA232
Digital Illustration with Illustrator VMA231 3 ENG095 and MAT093 or placement
Design Communication I VMA232 Fall 3 VMA131
Design Communication II VMA233 Spring 3 VMA232
Publication Design VMA234 Spring 3 VMA232 or Chair approval
Career Elective see note* 3
Career Elective see note* 3
Total Credits 64

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*Note: Transfer track students must take VMA207. Career track students must take VMA299G. Select the career elective from VMA courses.

Option Overview

This program introduces students to the aesthetics, materials, and methods of effective visual communication for commercial art and design. The program combines theoretical elements with practical experience, up-to-date technologies, and professional equipment to give students a complete knowledge and understanding of career options, requirements, and responsibilities. Students may take elective courses in options other than their own, as scheduling permits. Because courses are offered sequentially, students must take courses in the appropriate semester.

Career Outlook

Graduates of this program qualify for job opportunities in advertising, communications, marketing, packaging, publishing, and in companies using printed and electronic materials in their product or in the promotion of that product.

Upon Completion of this Concentration Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic visual design skills and production skills. 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic computer operation and page layout software applications. 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in drawing and image software applications. 
  • Use the Internet and integrate Internet text and images in media. 
  • Demonstrate their understanding of paper, finishing, printing processes, and the distribution or delivery process.