Database Support Specialist Certificate Program
Course Title Course Number Semester Taken Credits Prerequisites
Applications/Concepts or Info Technology Fundamentals CIT110 or CIT112 3 ESL098 or RDG095 or placement
Principles of Information Security CIT118 3 CIT110 or CIT113 or CIT120 or Chair approval
Introduction to MS Office CIT133 3
Introduction to Networking CIT162 3 CIT110 or CIT112 or CIT113 or CIT120 or Chair approval
PC Hardware and Software CIT182 3
Help Desk Techniques CIT230 3 CIT110 or CIT113 or CIT120; one additional CIT course; ENG095 and RDG095 or ESL098 or placement
PC Keyboarding Techniques OIM100 1
Database Design with MS Access CIT128 3 CIT110 or CIT113 or CIT120 or Chair approval
Visual Basic CIT216 3 CIT110 or CIT113 or CIT120 or Chair approval
SQL Programming CIT236 3 CIT110 or CIT113 or CIT120 or Chair approval
Total Credits 28

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Program Overview

This program prepares students to become database programmers or administrators who work with users to identify their needs and design and program reports and forms to meet those needs. The program prepares students to create security procedures, implement backup and recovery processes, and determine necessary system changes.

Career Outlook

Graduates of this program qualify for entry-level database programming and support positions in a wide range of organizations.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at certificate-programs.

Upon Completion of this Concentration Graduates will be able to:

  • Design and code complex queries.
  • Support desktop security functions.
  • Support Excel and Access functions.