Communication Concentration

Associate in Arts -  English Department

The information below applies to students entering the program in fall 2017. For the most accurate program requirements for your catalog year, please log in to BHCC Self-service to review your specific program requirements. Any questions? Stop by or contact the LifeMap Commons on the Charlestown Campus - E-Building, Room E-235; Phone 617-228-2230.
Course Title Course Number Semester Taken Credits Prerequisites
College Writing I ENG111 3 ENG095 and ESL098 or RDG095 or placement
College Writing II ENG112 3 ENG111
Individual and Society From Area 2 3
World View From Area 3 3
Quantitative Thought From Area 4 3 MAT097 or placement
Science and Technology From Area 5 4
Humanities From Area 6 3
Journalism I ENG241 3 ENG095 or placement
Mathematics Elective 3 MAT097 or placement
Lab Science Elective 4
Behavioral Science Elective 3
Social Science Elective 3
Learning community or Elective see note* 3
Elective 3
Literature Elective 3 pre/co-req ENG111
Literature Elective 3 pre/co-req ENG111
Applications/Concepts CIT110 3 ESL098 or RDG095 or placement
Film as Art FLM101 3
Oral Communication ENG171 3
Introduction to Adobe Suite VMA125 3 ENG095 and MAT093 or placement
Introduction to Mass Media VMA111 3 ENG095 and MAT093 or placement
Journalism II ENG242 Spring 3 ENG095 or placement
Total Credits 62
Last Modified Date: April 5, 2017

Note: The Department recommends a two-semester foreign language sequence.
*Note: New degree-seeking students enrolled in 9 credits or more must take a Learning Community Seminar or a Learning Community Cluster within their first year.

Concentration Overview

The English Department offers programs which qualify graduates to transfer to four-year institutions that prepare them for careers in teaching, journalism, public relations, and media communications. Students must complete a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate to pursue a teaching career. A bachelor’s degree in English is a minimum requirement for entry-level work in careers such as publishing, advertising, public relations, and journalism.

The communications concentration prepares students to transfer to four-year colleges or universities in journalism or media communications. Graduates of this concentration may qualify to transfer using benefits of MassTransfer to a four-year state college or University of Massachusetts campus. For current information on eligible programs, visit

Career Outlook

Graduates of this concentration qualify to transfer to four-year colleges or universities that prepare students for professional careers in journalism, public relations, and media communications.

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for entry into these fields. Graduate work may be necessary, as well.

Upon Completion of this Concentration Graduates will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in a variety of formats and situations.
  • Write for a variety of purposes, adapting to varying audiences.
  • Write pieces for specific markets, such as news stories and traditional academic papers.
  • Use a computer to compose and edit papers and conduct Internet research.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking.
  • Understand the dynamics of communication in a global context.

Students enrolling in this degree program can earn World Studies Emphasis certification simultaneously.