BHCC Archives

The Bunker Hill Community College Archives has historical, visual, digital, and audio collections. Come learn about Harold Shively, the college's founding President. Come peruse our collection of Third Rail, BHCC's original student-run newspaper. Want to learn how the Computer Science department has changed since the 1980s? We have a complete collection of course offering booklets from the beginning! We also have available a large collection of faculty publications, photographs, and donated items from a wide variety of departments on campus.  You can use the Archives to:

  • Conduct research for your assignments, papers, and projects
  • Learn more about the history of the College and surrounding community
  • Learn more about the individuals – faculty, staff, students, and alumni – associated at the college, and hear their stories
  • Get involved with the college community – volunteering is always a great boost, whether for a transfer application or a resume.

Please contact the library to make an appointment, to learn more, or if you are considering donating any items. We can be reached via e-mail ( or contact the Library's Public Services desk at 617-228-3479.

Publications Collections

Records Groups

  • RG14 Sabbatical Reports
  • RG15 NEASC Index (2000)

These are but two of the many record groups that we have.  Please contact the library to set an appointment to access the archives if you are interested in seeing what more we have.


  • The Archives houses many photographs from all points of the College's history.