April 2015

It's National Poetry Month.  Come check out the displays.  



Check out the art display too called Animal Friends.  These artworks are attached to the glass walls of the library's classroom, room E319.



March 2015

Please check out the library's new book display about the College's One Book for this year, A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld.

For a bibliography of the books in the display click here: OneBook Display 2015.




November 2014:

Andy McCarthy, Coordinator of Library Services, and Vivica Pierre, Library Director, recently attended the The Humanities and Local Asian American Histories, featuring Dr. Peter Nien-chu Kiang (江念祖) workshop put on by the Learning Communities office.  The workshop was held on Nov. 13 in the A300 Lobby.  Andy presented the library resources on this subject to those in attendance.  Here is the handout that was provided: Asian-American Resources in the BHCC Library

In addition, please see this list for the books donated in September 2014 by Dr. Peter Kiang and the Asian-American Studies Program at UMass Boston - Asian-American Studies at UMass Book Donation


The library has a display celebrating Native American Heritage Month.  Click on the following document:  Book Display - November 2014 for a list of books in the display.


August 2014:

The library has a display celebrating National Inventors' Month.  Click on the following: National Inventors' Month Display for to see a list of books in the display.  You can click on the books in the document to see the book in the library's catalog.



For printable poster in PDF, click on the following: Library Amnesty Month



The POETRY CAFE is back.  Please click on the link for the flier at left and see below.  Event to be held on March 6, 2014.