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ITT Tech Transfers

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Support for ITT Tech Students

Bunker Hill Community College is here to assist students during this transitional time. If you were enrolled at ITT Technical Institute you are invited to contact Bunker Hill Community College about enrolling in classes to complete your degree.

To learn more, please contact Wick Sloane at WickSloane@bhcc.mass.edu

In the meantime, here are more details about studying at BHCC.

Computer Information Technology at BHCC

Our Computer Information Technology Department (CIT) has a clear, well-articulated, three-pronged mission, which includes supporting the IT components of the college’s General Education offerings, preparing an IT workforce through certificate and associate degree offerings, and providing IT students with seamless transfer opportunities to related Baccalaureate Degree programs.

Associate in Arts

Associate in Science


For more information about student loans and ITT Tech, please visit https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/about/announcements/itt