Requirements for Graduation

Requirements for Graduation

What are the requirements for graduating from BHCC in the Commonwealth Honors Program as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar?

  • You must meet all requirements for your associate degree program.
  • You must earn a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Complete the Honors seminar course*
  • You must also complete three additional Honors courses or Honors components**.

* The Honors Seminar is an interdisciplinary three-credit course that allows students to develop their research skills by exploring the theme chosen for the semester from both a scientific and humanistic perspective. Recent topics have included dreams, evil, epidemics and pandemics, waging war / waging peace in the nuclear age, and nature as “other.” In the Honors Seminar you will develop an Honors project and present the results of your research at the Honors Seminar Presentation Program. The seminar offers ample opportunity for class discussion. The Honors Seminar satisfies the Menu 6 distribution requirement.

** An Honors component is an additional part of a regular course in which a CHP student works with an Honors advisor and the course professor to design an enriching and academically rigorous experience that earns Honors credit. Examples might be special research in a chemistry or psychology course, an art portfolio, or an analysis of an author’s works. Completion of an Honors component in a course will earn an Honors designation on your transcript.

Students participating in the CHP at BHCC may also enroll in internships or service learning projects.