How to Search for Availability of Classes


Take me directly to Search for SectionsNo need to Login. Anyone can access this site.

Follow these Steps:

  1. Go directly to or go to the BHCC Homepage and click on myBHCC at the top of the page
  2. Click on the Students option
  3. Click on Search for Sections under Registration section
  4. Select the Term from drop down menu
  5. Select the Subject from drop down menu (Ignore the Course Level section)
  6. Type in the Course Number (just the last three numbers)
  7. If you are looking for a particular Section i.e. M2 or 03 type that section in; If you want to see all sections, leave the section number blank and all sections being offered will appear
  8. Click on Submit

The results of your request will post. Check the Available/Capacity/Waitlist column to see if seats are available. If there is a number in the first position, that is how many seats are available. For example when the availability of the class is 5/22/0, there are five seats still available; you may register for this course. When the availability of the class is zero i.e. 0/22/2; look to the Status column.

When the Status states:

  • Open - the class is open; there are seats available
  • Closed - the class is currently filled; student can go on the waiting list
  • Waitlisted - the class is currently filled; student can go on the waiting list
  • Waitlist full - the class and the waiting list are currently filled  no new names will be added

Course sections not available to all students include sections with the following designations:

  • C or P - Combined or Paired classes, students must register for the additional course(s) that are paired or combined with this course please see the Course Schedule Book for details
  • H - Honors courses only available to students in the Honors program  For more information about the Commonwealth Honors Program, contact the program co-directors at 617-228-2296, 617-228-3249 or the Enrollment Services Center
  • N - NSTAR courses only available to students already accepted into the NSTAR program (not available for students planning to apply or waiting to hear about acceptance
  • DP - Departmental Placement, not available
  • VV, ST - Special grant programs not available to the general public

There are a number of programs at Bunker Hill which require special application. The following course designations are only available to students currently accepted and enrolled in those special application programs:

AHE: Students must meet with the Allied Health Department, Room B227, Charlestown Campus.
Medical Assistant Certificate
Medical Interpreting
Patient Care Technician Certificate
Phlebotomy Technician Certificate
*Surgical Technology Certificate
Central Processing Certificate
Cardiac Sonography, A.S.
Computed Tomography Certificate
Electric Power Utility Program, A.S.
General Sonography, A.S.
Imaging Informatics Certificate
Magnetic Resonance (MR) Certificate
Mammography Certificate
Medical Radiography, A.S.
PACS Administration Certificate
Pharmacy Technician Certificate
Nursing Program Day/Evening/Hybrid/Weekend Options, A.S.

*Students interested in the following programs should meet with an Admissions Counselor to determine requirements for application and the application process.