Courses for Spring 2014

Administration and Supervision in ECE Programs

The director of an early-care and education program is the key to quality programming for children and to a satisfying work experience for the teachers of these children. Yet, the supervision of staff is very challenging, requiring many specialized skills that many directors have not had help to develop. These modules provide both new and more experienced directors new ways to motivate staff and help teachers feel satisfaction in their work. Students will earn 10 hours of EEC Professional Development Training Hours and A Prior Learning Certificate that is equivalent to 1 CEU for each module completed.


Those students who successfully complete all four modules will be able to petition the Prior Learning Assessment Program at BHCC for college credit (3 credits) for ECE 115-Supervision in ECE. Students must have successfully completed ECE 113-Child Care Administration or an equivalent course prior to applying for prior learning credit for this set of modules for ECE 115. ECE 115 may be used as one of the three career electives required in the A.S. degree program in Early Childhood Development and can also be used as Director II credit for DEEC certification.

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ECI 306 Supervision for Team Building

ECI 307 Trouble in the House: Handling Conflict in Supervision

ECI 308 Helping Adult Learners Move Forward

ECI 309 Coaching/Mentoring in Supervision

ECI 311 What/How of Emergent Curriculum and the Project Approach of ECE

ECI 312 Project Planning Emergent

ECI 313 Project Planning-Pushing Beyond Beginnings

ECI 314 Coaching/Mentoring in Emergent Curriculum