Early Childhood Development Institute (ECI)

The Workforce Development Center, in conjunction with BHCC’s Department for Early Childhood Education and Human Services, has created the Early Childhood Development Institute to offer non-credit modules of training for staff currently employed in early care and education programs. These non-credit courses will advance their knowledge and skill development beyond the traditional beginning courses to cover more advanced areas of training. These advanced areas will allow staff to expand their knowledge to deeper levels of understanding helping to push programs in early childhood and their staff to a higher quality of care for children and families in the Greater Boston area.

This model is different from typical non-credit offerings. There is now a mechanism for turning these noncredit sessions into college credit!

The Institute allows for the completion of a certain number of non-credit modules to provide a means to achieve credit. The plan goes like this:

  • Each course will consist of four, 10-hour modules. 
  • At the end of each of the four modules, a student will be given an Early Childhood Institute “Prior Learning Certificate” (PLC) to show completion of course competencies and requirements. (Attendance, participation, and other requirements will be included in each 10-hour module). 
  • A student who completes all four modules successfully of a particular course will be able to use these PLCs and assignments from the final coaching/mentoring module to petition for prior learning credit from BHCC’s Prior Learning Assessment Program. 
  • Upon acceptance by the Prior Learning Assessment Program, a student will be granted three college credits used to meet requirements in the Early Childhood Development Program at BHCC.