Other Resources

The BHCC Library maintains an online listing of Diversy and Inclusion Resources, including diversity-related readings and activities. Additionally, there are several resources available via the World Wide Web related to diversity issues. 

The College has published Teaching for Our Times, a journal of writings by faculty, staff, and students that is intended to aid educators in the teaching and learning processes. Included are selections specifically pertaining to diversity and inclusion issues.

Featured articles regarding diversity include:

Moving from 'I' to 'Thou'- Bridging the Barriers of Age and Culture at the Community College
by Anne R. Umansky

Bagels, Sushi, Fufu and Flan: The Diversity Project and Recipes for Change
by Lloyd Sheldon Johnson

"From Papua New Guinea to Boston: Cultural Diversity in a Learning Community"
by Vilma Tafawa

"Access to Higher Education for African-Americans"
by Pelonomi Khumoetsile-Taylor

"Beyond Access: Creating Climate for Culturally Different Learners"
by Adriene Anderson

"Psychological Factors in Second Language Acquisition: Why Your International Students are Sudando La Gota Gordo (Sweating Buckets)"
by Sandra Clyne

"Civic Leadership in the Context of Religious and Cultural Pluralism"
by Professor L. S. Johnson

"KATRINA: What the Hurricane Teaches Us about Race, Class, and Power in America 
by Professor Stephen Slaner

For access to the entire collection of the Teaching for Our Times series, please visit the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) which will direct you through their collection of resources.


Teaching for Our Times, A Journal of Good Teaching Practice Volume I (1999)
Teaching for Our Times, Focus on Learning Volume II (2000)
Teaching for Out Times, Access Volume III (2001)

How to file a complaint

To file a discrimination complaint or grievance, contact Thomas L. Saltonstall, the College’s Affirmative Action Officer in room E236F inside the International Center, Charlestown Campus, by emailing, or by calling 617-228-3311.