Affirming Diversity on Campus

The NCBI Team at BHCC offers experiential workshops for faculty, staff and students, ranging in length from a single class-period to a full day.

What is NCBI?

The National Coalition Building Institute, founded in 1984, is a non-profit leadership training organization that works to eliminate prejudice and conflict in communities throughout the world. NCBI provides an effective diversity training program that teaches effective listening skills, conflict resolution skills, the ability to manage dialogue across group lines and a rationale for creating a welcoming classroom that becomes everyone's responsibility.

BHCC is a Campus Affiliate of NCBI, and BHCC team members have been trained as facilitators. We are able to come into your classroom to lead an interactive session on welcoming diversity.
Contact: Cheryl Cephas, Human Resources Manager  617-228-3331

Welcoming diversity means that every person counts and every issue counts.

What Can I Expect In An NCBI Session?

Workshops are interactive, experiential, and high energy. Participants are both teachers and learners.

In our workshops, we celebrate differences and similarities, identify misinformation about other groups, learn ways to challenge hurtful comments and actions, and learn to become allies to groups to which we do not belong.

Who Would Benefit from Participating in an NCBI Workshop?

All faculty, staff and students are welcome to participate in NCBI workshops. We have provided workshops for student leaders (including members of SGA and ACE (Achievement, Cultural Competency and Engagement) Mentors), students and staff involved in Alternative Spring Break, and faculty teaching Learning Community Seminars. We can also provide workshops within classes, and will consider workshop requests from any group on campus.

How Does This Fit Into the Curriculum?

NCBI can fit into virtually any discipline. Class-room sessions that help to:

  • Build classroom community.
  • Develop self-awareness.
  • Model respect for other identities.
  • Offer a framework for discussing difficult issues.

The NCBI Team

The NCBI Team will work with faculty to schedule the class date and time for the session, and to identify one or more team members to facilitate the session.

All team members have participated in at least one full-day Affirming Diversity Workshop. Most have also been trained to lead NCBI workshops on diversity and conflict resolution. Our team is also active in the Massachusetts NCBI Consortium and the annual Campus Conferences sponsored by NCBI International, which provide additional training.