Co-Curricular Options for Students

Boston Living Center in the South End 

Active citizenship means building stronger, healthier, and safer communities both- locally, nationally and globally.
We all know‌ that making a difference doesn't just happen; it takes a committed group of people to make change affective
and possible. Participating in Service Learning projects through credit classes and being a volunteer out of the classroom
are a couple of ways that you as an individual can do to give back to your community.

Volunteering produces tangible experiences and opportunities that will help you in the development of your academic career and life goals. These particular experiences can be used as stories that are useful in your personal statements, for college applications or in cover letters when you begin applying for jobs.

Additionally, by volunteering and committing yourself to service, you become part of a larger movement to further the opportunities of peace, access and goodwill. So essentially, when you volunteer you are not only giving yourself to the organization and its needs, but you are signifying to others that you value service, and that you care about making a difference in your world.