Language, Communication and Intercultural Awareness

Beginning Spanish I
LNG-400  $129

Designed for students with little or no background in the Spanish language, this course focuses on the acquisition of basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills within a cultural framework.

Beginning Spanish II

Continuing LNG-400, Beginning Spanish II focuses on furthering the acquisition of basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills within a cultural framework.

English for Work Interviews
LNG-409  $149

Students develop speaking skills for employment interviews. This class is ideal for ESL speakers who want to speak confidently and competently at interviews. Students will practice answering interview questions, replying to speaking prompts, and responding to follow-up questions. They will learn to talk about their work experience, skills, and knowledge in order to communicate effectively at employment interviews. Students will develop content for their answers and replies, and receive some coaching and instruction in pronunciation, expressions, and grammar. Students enrolling in this class must be at mid-intermediate to advanced levels of English.

Intermediate Pronunciation
LNG-515  $225

This course, open to students in ESL Academic Level 2 and higher, focuses on the pronunciation, rhythm and intonation of the English language to enable students to communicate more clearly, effectively and naturally in English. This is ideal for students who have fluency but need to reduce their accents. Students December be required to complete assignments in the Language Lab in Room E226 in Charlestown.

American English Pronunciation and Accent
LNG-517 $79

Students develop better speaking and communication skills by improving their pronunciation. This class is ideal for ESL speakers who have had trouble communicating because of an accent. ESL speakers who improve their pronunciation also modify their accents so that their speech is more listener-friendly. Students will become stronger communicators with improved American pronunciation and accent skills by learning and practicing techniques that are essential to clear speech and effective communication for professional and business purposes. Students who enroll in this course must be at a high intermediate to advanced level of English.

Keys to American Communication Culture
LNG-212 $150

Communicate better with your American colleagues at work and in business. Topics of communication culture include small talk, expressiveness, using tactful language, getting to the point, organizing information, agreeing and disagreeing and more. Develop your American English communication skills and techniques by participating in discussions, short presentations, conversations and role-play situations. Use communication outlines as a guide to speak more efficiently and effectively. Explore American communication culture by talking about how you view the way Americans communicate and how you believe you’ve had to adapt since being in the USA. We’ll also examine Americans’ expressions as a key to better understanding American communication culture.

Public Speaking for Internationals and Americans - Effective Efficient and Productive Communication 
LNG-213 $150

Gain confidence and become a more competent speaker. Practice presentation skills, speaking at meetings, networking event role-playing, debating and participating in discussions. This is an ideal course for those who think they have had trouble speaking up and speaking out in front of people. We’ll work with using tone of voice, vocal expression, confident posture and eye contact to build your confidence and competence. We will practice organizing information when you speak in order to be a more efficient, effective and productive communicator. We’ll talk about the impact you want your communication to have on people, and we’ll practice improving communication skills so that you can be a more powerful speaker.

American English Business Communication - Training and Coaching for Internationals 
LNG-215 $150

Highly interactive and dynamic, this course is for international professionals who want to develop better speaking skills and be more effective and productive communicators at business meetings. Improve and refine the manner in which you use English during business meetings, as well as develop some understanding of the subtleties, finer points and nuances of English for professional purposes. Through observation and direct open critique, international professionals develop, improve and sharpen their business English communication skills. The training and coaching for business communication take an integrated approach in order to focus on the variety of English language skills that need sharpening.