Career Exploration

A college education can help you determine who you are and what you want to do. While many students begin college knowing what they want to study, many do not, or may change their minds during the course of their studies.

Bunker Hill Community College offers students the chance to identify and enhance their talents and clarify their interests. These tools, combined with your own life experiences, will help you set goals for the future and develop the skills and knowledge you need to achieve them.

Three important steps in the career exploration process are self assessment, occupational research and the choice of a major.

  • Self Assessment: Discover, the computerized career guidance system offered by the Career Center, will help you assess your skills, abilities, interests and personality and then match them to particular professions. You will begin to develop a profile that will guide you in your research about various careers.
  • Occupational Research: Once you have narrowed your field of interest, you can begin gathering information about specific occupations. Information you may want to consider includes the training and education you need for specific careers, as well as the lifestyles, responsibilities and working conditions associated with them. You can do this research in the Career Center, the Bunker Hill Community College Library and Information Center, your local library or with individuals currently working in the field.
  • Choosing a Major: Although you do not need to make every career decision before you choose a major, making a career choice early in your academic career will help you plan accordingly to ensure the courses you take will count toward your degree.

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