Enrolling and Withdrawing

Course Prerequisites

Some courses require that students meet certain conditions prior to registering, known as prerequisites. Prerequisites include completion of lower-level courses with a grade of C or higher; completion of Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs); admission to a specific program of study. Students must bring proof of course completion from another college or university at the time of registration.

Auditing a Course

Students desiring to audit a course must obtain permission from the Registrar designee. Audit students must pay full tuition and fees. The audit request must be made at the time of registration, and once approved may not be changed to a graded course. An audit course may not be transferred or used toward graduation requirements.

Dropping or Adding a Course

Students may adjust their schedules either during the registration period or during the schedule adjustment period. After the schedule adjustment period, students may add only those courses offered through the Center for Self-Directed Learning. Refer to the College’s course schedule booklet for published deadlines.

Withdrawal from a Course or College

A student may withdraw from a course and/or college only during the semester in which she/he is registered, and by the date specified for each semester. Course and college withdrawals are not processed retroactively and students who withdraw from a course and/or the college are not entitled to a refund. To withdraw from a course and/or the college, a student must complete and submit the appropriate Course Withdrawal Form** or College Withdrawal Form**, available online or at the Enrollment Services Center.

Repeating a Course

Students may repeat only courses in which they earn a grade of D, F, W, WA, or NA. The grade earned in the final attempt automatically becomes the official grade for purposes of calculating grade point average and for determining eligibility for graduation. The grades for each attempt, however, are recorded on the student’s transcript. Certain courses in the health programs must be repeated until the student earns a grade of A or B. When this exception applies the college notifies the student.

Grading and Notation System

Please refer to the college catalog for a copy of the grading and notation system and computation of grade point average.

** This file is a .pdf file that can be opened via Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, please visit their website to download the software.