Faculty Directory and Advisory Committee


Faculty and Staff      
Name Office Telephone E-Mail
Dr. Laurie McCorry, Dean Science, Engineering and Health Programs Room C312, Charlestown Campus 617-228-2465 lkmccorr@bhcc.mass.edu
Deborah Latina, Department Chair Room 116 617-228-2472 dlatina@bhcc.mass.edu
Dr. Rebecca Alleyne-Holtzclaw, Professor Room 116 617-228-2473  ralleyne@bhcc.mass.edu
Kimberly Burke, Program Coordinator Room 113 617-228-2475 kmbu9414@bhcc.mass.edu
Isandra Audrade, Clinical Placement Coordinator Room 114 617-228-2471 itandrad @bhcc.mass.edu
Dr. Ellen Schwab, Counselor and Adjunct Faculty
Student Access and Success
   617-228-2464  eschwab@bhcc.mass.edu
Magalie Pierre, Administrative Assistant Room 110  617-228-2216  mpierre@bhcc.mass.edu

2015 Advisory Board

Nancy Ahmadifar, Office of Jobs and Community Services
Anne Alperin, Dana Faber Cancer Institute

Terry Egan, Massachusetts General Hospital

Karen Esty, Massachusetts General Hospital

Barbara Chassaigne, Tufts Medical Center

Maureen O'Brien, Massachusetts General Hospital
Alysia Ordway, Boston Private Industry Council
Les Schwab M.D., Harvard Vangaurd Medical Associates