Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this program take to complete?

When are the courses offered for this program?

Can I do this program online? At night? During day? Weekends?

When does this program start? Fall? Spring? Anytime?

Is this program accredited?

How do I get into this program?

What kinds of jobs can I get with this degree/certificate?

How much money does someone make doing that?

How easy will it be for me to get a job?

Will someone help me find a job when I am done?

Can I transfer to a four-year college with this degree?

Are there any articulation agreements, etc?

Will I be a junior when I transfer?

Are there practicum requirements with this program?

Can I pick where I do that practicum?

What kinds of courses will I be taking?

What are the career electives in the program plans?

What is the Early Childhood Development Institute that provides non-credit coursework?